M1886 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle

in 45-70


This is a nice rifle that according to the serial number was made in 1886. It has the cartouche but is hard to read. It appears to be 1883 but the last number is very indistinct.

The walnut stock is very sound except for two chips broken out behind the tang which could be repaired. There is also a shallow chip out in front of the trigger guard. There are markings on top of the butt that are company and/or rack numbers. From what I have researched this gun possibly belonged to 5th Battalion, Company B and was rifle #30. Which state militia it was part of is the big question.

The lock is in very good condition with the surface pretty much a grey color on the outside and the case colors can be seen on the internal parts. The inside of the breech block still has case colors as well. The breech block is dated 1878. The rear sight is the M84 Buffington style.

The barrel has almost no blue left and is now a grey color. The bore is excellent with sharp rifling.

Overall a very nice gun that would be a good shooter. 

This gun can be shipped to anyone over 18 as it was made before 1898 or it can be purchased in person.


Was $1050

Now $850


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