Allentown Style Rifle

in the white

in .45 caliber



This is nice smaller rifle in the Lehigh Valley/Allentown PA styling. The lock, barrel and stock blank came out of an estate and I needed a break from custom work so I assembled this rifle.


It is stocked on a piece of curly maple that has some spalting (mineral streaks) in the butt and small worm holes in the forend. These holes, no longer occupied by the makers, at first glance look intrusive but as you look longer, they tend to add a unique character to the wood. They could be filled before staining with putty, glue with sanding dust or the points of toothpicks. Personally I would leave them and give the stock a darker, aged look.


The barrel is a Douglas that is 13/16" by 39" long in .45 caliber. It has nice tall sights with the front one being silver. A touch hole liner has been installed. The barrel is new and never fired.


The lock is an old Dixie Gun Works that has been updated with a better frizzen, a new cock with cast-in engraving and now uses a small Siler mainspring.


This would be a good gun for someone of smaller stature.



Weight is 6 lbs. 12 ozs.  Pull is 13⅛".



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