Cased English Rifle/Shotgun

Two interchangeable barrels, one in .62 caliber and one in 12 gauge




This is a very nicely made cased rifle/shotgun by Curtis Allinson of Eldon, MO. Cased sets like this can usually only be purchased by custom order and waiting several years to acquire. The rifle is copied from an original by Samuel Henry Staudenmeyer, No 35 Cock Spur Street, Charing Cross, London. Pictures of the original are available from the builder for whoever buys this set.


This set has two 32" long custom made interchangeable barrels by Ed Rayl, one in .62 rifled with a swamped profile and a oct-rd one in 12 gauge with a cylinder bore. The barrels are fitted in the case one on top for the other with the top one nestled in it's own tray. Both barrels are faux damascus finished and have gold touch hole liners and gold bands at the breeches. They have patent style breeched that are deeply blued. The rifle barrel rear sight has 2 leaves, one folds down. The ramrods for each have horn tips. The lock is a Chambers late Ketland that has been modified with a sliding safety behind the cock. The stock is a beautiful piece of curly English walnut with a checkered wrist, silver key plates and a horn nosecap. The steel mounts are beautifully engraved copying the original and sport a deep blue finish. The trigger guard is hand forged to the original pattern. Accessories included are a 3 piece cleaning rod with brushes, mops and jag, powder flask, screwdriver, shot/powder measure for the shotgun barrel and a brass wedge drift for removing the barrel. All of this is contained in a hand made oak case lined with green baize with brass hardware.


New made cased sets like this are very rare today due to the amount of work necessary. The case alone can take as much time as the gun. Original sets can be found but will command very high prices. Expect to pay 2-3 times the price of this set.


This gun and case is very heavy. Shipping will be expensive. It would be best if it is picked up in person.     



Weight is 7 lbs. 13 ozs. with the rifled barrel and 6 lbs. 4 ozs. with the shotgun barrel. Pull is 14"

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