Custom Youth Rifle

by R. Ambright in .40 caliber


This is a very neat little kids or lady's rifle made in 2001 by Bob Ambright or Eagle River, WI. It is unfired and is in like new condition.

The stock is a nice piece of walnut with a little bit of curl running through it. The hardware is German silver with a high polish. The lock is a small Siler. The barrel is a Colerain A weight 38" long in .40 caliber. The steel parts have been aged by a mild etching to give the parts a mottled grey/silver patina. The nosecap is a cast pewter style which goes nicely with the nickel silver parts. Overall it is well made and the wood to metal fit is excellent. Even with the shorter pull, it has enough drop in the stock that I can hold and site it comfortably and I am 6' and normally use a 14" pull.

If the price seems high remember that even though kids guns are smaller, the parts and the time to build them take the same amount as a full size gun.

Weight is 6 lbs 12 ozs. Pull is 12".



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