English Blunderbuss

in 10 gauge

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This is a wonderful gun by Al Edge of Old Dominion Arms (http://www.aledge.com/) located just north of Richmond, Va.

Ready made blunderbusses are hard to find these days unless you get one custom made or buy a crappy India made piece.

This gun features a brass 20" barrel by Ed Rayl in 10 gauge. It is 1" at the breech and has a 2" diameter muzzle. The stock is a very nice piece of curly maple with a hand rubbed oil finish. The brass hardware is typical 1st Model Bess parts. The lock is a Chamber's early round face Va. style. The lock and breech plug have been color case hardened. The rest of the steel parts including the screws have been niter blued. There are nicely done nick and dot border engraving to keep it from being too plain. The fit and finish is very well done with good tight inletting.

This is a really fine piece and would work well for F&I, Rev War and later. It would be good for a coach/mail guard, highwayman,  gentleman or as a military piece. Even for home defense today, you point this at someone and the sight of that bore will make them stop whatever they are doing!

Weight is 8 lbs. 12 oz.  Pull is 15".


Was $3500

Now $2950