Original Buggy Gun

by Mills of London circa 1850

in 12 gauge


This is a really cool buggy or saddle gun from a cut down fowler. It was originally made by W.F. Mills of High Holborn, London.

This came to me disassembled in a trunk load of old parts I bought. It was cut down a long time ago and well done with a new front bead added. I've done a restoration on this gun which included cleaning and re-bluing the metal, cleaning the wood and applying a new finish. A new horn nose cap has also been added as the original was bug eaten. The 19" damascus barrel has been bored out slightly to remove any rough spots but keeping it a 12 gauge. The hook breech is tight and a new nipple is installed. The surface of the barrel has some areas of light pitting but nothing serious. It also has a new ramrod. The wood to metal fit is tight. Just one small chip out in front of the lock. No other chips, cracks or serious dents. Holds and points well. I would not hesitate to shoot this one. The pictures will tell you more.

Weight is 5 lbs 9 ozs. Length of pull is 14". Overall length is 35".



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