Caywood French Type "D" Trade Gun

in 20 gauge


This is one of Caywood's type "D" French kits that has been custom built and expertly done. One of the best features on this gun is the beautiful engraving on the brass mounts and a very nice rear sight. It also has provision for a sling.

It is stocked in curly maple with a medium stain and matte finish. The barrel is oct-round and is 41" long in 20 gauge. The lock is by Caywood and is stamped with a fleur-de-lis. The steel parts have a nice deep brown finish. The mounts are all cast brass except the thimbles which are sheet brass.

This gun is basically new. It has not been fired, the frizzen has a few scrapes from dry firing. The bore is excellent. The stock is excellent with no dents or dings.

Overall a really nice period correct style with some very nice features.

Weight is 7 lbs 12 ozs. Pull is 14".




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