Rare Colt 1901 New Army

Dated 1902 with U.S. Military Markings

Rare triple inspection marks

in .38 Long Colt


This pistol is the type carried during the Philippine-American War, the Boxer Rebellion, the Mexican Revolution and WW1. It was replaced by the model 1917 due mostly to the complaints of the ammunition being to weak in stopping power.

This is a relatively rare triple Colt inspector marked all on same side of the frame. L.E.B. were the initials that belonged to a one Leroy E. Briggs who was an Army Captain that inspected revolvers rebuilt and refurbished at Remington's Bridgeport plant between 1898 to 1917 and the other set of letters, J.T.T belonged to none other than US Army Captain John Taliaferro Thompson who will go on to invent the Thompson Machine Gun, a.k.a. Tommy Gun in 1919. J.T.T. is the one of main interest. Some of these guns are devoid of inspector marks or just have R.A.C. for Renaldo A. Carr who is the most common inspector mark on these guns. This pistol has obviously been carried but never fired much. The bore is very good to excellent, about 8+/10. The bluing is about 65% left. The grips have some scaring on the bottoms but no chips or cracks and are numbered to the gun. On the bottom of the frame grip is the model designation but at sometime in the past, the serial number was filed off. The serial numbers inside the cylinder swing arm are matching. The action works perfectly. Overall it is in very good condition for the age.

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