Original Colt "Special" Musket

Dated 1864

Correct Original Bayonet available separately

in .58 caliber




This musket is in exceptional condition. Since these pictures were taken, I disassembled the rifle and inspected it and found it very clean throughout. While I was at it I cleaned all the dried oil off the metal with mineral spirits. The old oil shows up in the photos as brown areas on the metal. So now the rifle looks even better.


The metal is all still bright and if it was ever cleaned in the past it was done very lightly. The barrel has crisp markings and the bore is excellent. The face of the beech plug is still bright. The lock is in excellent condition inside and out. The wood has the usual very minor dings from handling over the years but nothing more.


The sling is a very nice reproduction and comes with the gun. The bayonet is available separately and is the correct one for this rifle having the marking for "Collins & Co.".


The pictures will tell you more.


$2750 by cash or check

Collins & Co. bayonet $350    


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