Consignment Arrivals 2020

Clay Smith Guns, Inc.

Williamsburg, VA. 23185


These items are from the collections of two of my friends. They are being photographed and listed as fast as I can get them done. If you are interested in something and just can't wait, email me for more information.

Click here to send an email anytime or call 757-871-9424 between 10am-8pm M-F


1. 1899 Krag Rifle in 30-40 in excellent condition with mint bayonet and scabbard. Cleaning rod in butt compartment. Have an excellent Mills double stack web belt that would go with this as a separate sale.

2. 1917 Eddystone "American Enfield" in excellent condition with bayonet and cleaning kit.  POSTED 4/19 Click here

3. 03-A3 Springfield rifle made in 1943 from CMP with the papers. 2 groove excellent bore. Ex cond. overall. POSTED 3/25 Click here SOLD

4. M1 Springfield Garand rifle made in 1944. Rebarreled with a new 1955 barrel. Original barrel is included. Mint condition inside and out.

5. Rare M1 Winchester Garand rifle made in 1945. WIN-13 marked. All correct. VG/EX condition. POSTED 4/14 Click here

6. M1 Springfield Garand rifle arsenal rebuilt in 7.62 NATO, 1942 receiver. Like new. POSTED 4/14 Click here SOLD

7. M1 Carbine by Plainfield modified for Paratrooper re-enacting. POSTED 3/28 Click here

8. M1 Springfield Garand 1944 arsenal rebuilt with Winchester bolt and trigger group. POSTED 4/15 Click here

9. Original Leman percussion rifle POSTED 3/8 Click here 

10. English Fowler by C. Smith in 20 gauge, 38" barrel, carved and engraved, unfired. POSTED 2/26 Click here SOLD

11. Mountain rifle by C. Smith in .36, 35" barrel, curly maple stock, forged iron mounts. POSTED 2/27 Click here

12. Flint rifle by D. Greene in .40, wood patchbox, curly maple stock, iron mounts. POSTED 2/29 Click here

13. Colt .58  "Special" musket dated 1864 excellent condition, correct Collins &Co. marked bayonet available separately. POSTED 3/6 Click here

14. Winchester 1873 SRC in 44-40 made in 1916. Worn condition with decent bore. POSTED 3/24 Click here

15. Japanese Type 1 rifle in 6.5x50 made in Italy by Beretta in 1943. Mint. POSTED 4/5 Click here SOLD

16. Egyptian Hakim rifle in 8mm excellent condition. POSTED 3/9 Click here SOLD

17. Russian 1891 rifle in 7.62x54 dated 1916, no bluing left, Imperial eagles ground off. SOLD

18. Swedish M1896 rifle by Carl Gustafs in 6.5x55 dated 1902, excellent condition. POSTED 4/19 Click here SOLD

19. German 1871 rifle by Steyr in 1873, issued in 1876, excellent bore, mixed numbers good cartouches. POSTED 3/12 Click here SOLD

20. German 1871/84 rifle by Spandau, excellent bore, issued to Imperial Guards Jaeger Regiment in Potsdam. POSTED 3/12 Click here SOLD

21. Rare French MAS 1944Semi-auto rifle. Only 6600 made. As new, still packed in grease. POSTED 4/5 Click here SOLD

22. German P-38 in 9mm dated 1944. Captured by Russian and refurbished then went to storage. Excellent condition with post war holster and extra mag. POSTED 3/7 Click here

23. Colt 1st model Dragoon pistol in .44, Second Generation Colt, with repro CSA belt rig and flask. POSTED 3/6 Click here SOLD

24. S&W 1st model Schofield by S&W Performance Center in 2000, 7" barrel in .45 Schofield (.45 S&W) excellent condition in presentation box with papers. POSTED 3/3 Click here SOLD

25. 45-70 Springfield 1884 Trapdoor in excellent condition inside and out, near mint bore, good cartouches and comes with bayonet. POSTED 4/5 Click here SOLD

26. Remington model 51 pistol in .32ACP with extra mag, very good condition. POSTED 3/20 Click here SOLD

27. German GEW 98 dated 1911 Spandau, very good with nice bore, all matching. POSTED 3/1 Click here  SOLD

28. German GEW 98 Oberndorf dated 1916, excellent bore, all matching. POSTED 3/1 Click here SOLD

29. Russian (not Bulgarian) Makarov pistol in 9x18 dated 1983. Excellent condition with holster and extra mag. POSTED 3/14 Click here

30. Stevens Favorite rifle in .22LR circa 1915 in good overall condition. POSTED 3/20 Click here SOLD

31. Original large magazine type powder horn with screw type plug in the rear, 15" overall. POSTED 3/5 Click here

32. Original Mountain made backwoods poorboy fowler (trying to cover all the bases here, it's an odd one), good condition and has a period replaced lock that is a English Baker Rifle lock made for the Portuguese circa 1820s still in original flint. POSTED 3/1 Click here SOLD

.33 1876 British (not Nepalese) Martini-Henry socket bayonet with scabbard, good markings, very good condition. POSTED 3/28 Click here

34. Excellent copy of the rare Ames 1849 Rifleman's knife. POSTED 3/5 Click here SOLD

35. Colt M1903 pistol in .32acp, made in 1916, slight blemish in the bluing on right side of the slide otherwise excellent inside and out. SOLD

36. Ruger LCP .380acp pistol with Crimson Trace laser NIB with extra mag. SOLD

37. 1892 Winchester rifle in 25-20 in good condition. POSTED 4/1 Click here

38. British BSA, Sht Model LE #1 Mk3 Enfield, arsenal refurbished with new stock and new barrel. Has the magazine cutoff plate. (Have a hold on this one)

39. Pattern 1907 bayonet with scabbard in excellent/like new condition for above rifle. 

40. Original 1878 US Indian Wars canteen with leather strap all in very good/excellent condition. POSTED 3/5 Click here

41. Russian Mosin Nagant rifle. Ex Dragoon dated 1928 all matching with accessories. POSTED 3/2 Click here

42. Russian Mosin Nagant rifle. TULA arsenal dated 1937 all matching with accessories. POSTED 3/3 Click here SOLD

42. Assorted bayonets Click here.