Dixie Gun Works Tennessee Mountain Rifle


in .50 caliber Percussion


This is one of the old Dixie rifles that is out of production now. It was made by Miroku in Japan. The same company that produces most of  Winchester's lever action rifles currently.

This rifle is used but very little. The stock has surfaces scratches and one ding on the bottom edge of the butt. Nothing serious and the scratches would probably disappear with a light coat of finish. The lock and triggers work fine. The gun will fire with the triggers set or unset. The barrel is 41" long and 15/16" across the flats. The bore looks very good. The steel parts are all nicely browned.

There is a crack in the stock just forward of the lock but it appears to be solidly glued.

L&R Lock Company makes replacement locks to fit this gun if someone wanted to convert it to flint. A good starting load for this would be a .495 ball with a .010 patch over 60 grs of FFG powder. The ramrod has markings for the depth when loaded at 100 and 110 grains but I think that is an excessive load even for hunting.

Weight is 8 lbs 14 ozs. Pull is 14".




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