Lee Enfield #1 MkIII*

Indian GRI Arsenal Refurbished

in .303



This is factory refurbished rifle. Researching the markings on an Enfield rifle is like asking a Brit why they still drive on the wrong side of the road. No one really knows. I'll let the pictures tell you more about the marks.

This gun was made in India and has the GRI and pennants stamp on the barrel. It was refurbished before export. All numbers match including the nose cap, the magazine and even the stock has the matching serial number behind the nosecap. The asterisk mark after the 'No.1 MkIII' has been overstruck with what appears to be the Sold Out of Service mark which would be logical. There is debate over the "F.R" on the receiver. Best guess is it stands for "Factory Refurbished". The wood has the usual reinforcing pins, one if front of the magwell and one in the rear handguard. There is the typical wood screw through the forestock which is indicative of India repair. The import mark shows it came from RFI or Royal Factory Ishapore which is still in operation.

The bolt face looks like it has never been fired since it was refurbished and the bore is excellent.

I have a very nice M1907 bayonet and scabbard which would go nice with this rifle. Click here   

Overall a very nice, clean rifle that would be a good shooter and an excellent addition to any collection.

The pictures will tell you more. Contact me if you need pictures of something I missed.


FFL or C&R required.



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