Rare Miniature Xythos Pinfire

2mm Pistol with Flares and Adaptor


This is sometimes called a key chain pistol due to it's size. It is an actual working gun that can fire 2mm blanks. I have seen guys drop a 2mm ball bearing down the barrel before firing the blank round and the ball will go through both sides of an empty soda can.

These were made in Austria by Andres & Dworsky from about 1970 to 1999. It is nickel plated with a gold plated trigger and a 5 ridge backswept hammer spur. It measures about 1" in overall length. Comes with 6 white, 2 yellow and 2 red flares and 36 blank rounds. Also included is a spare cylinder. There are a few places on the internet to buy more ammo and flares for these. I found thepinfire.com had the cheapest and pinfireguns.com which was a little more expensive. The ammo isn't real cheap but I doubt anyone takes these out for a day of plinking.

The gun is unfired in like new condition and has the plastic fitted case and instruction sheet.

For the history of these tiny pistols click here.

Here is a video of a guy firing these flares. Pretty impressive. Click here.


NO FFL or C&R required.


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