Virginia Mountain Rifle

by Wayne Trout

in .25 caliber (Yes .25 caliber)


This is a very nice rifle copied from an original that came out of Floyd Co., Virginia. The original dates to about 1820-1830.

The custom barrel on this rifle was made by Bobby Hoyt and is 44" long. It has a slight swamp with a ⅞" breech. It has a touch hole liner installed. The lock is a Chamber's Late Ketland reshaped to have a rounded rear on the plate. The wood is a nice piece of walnut. The patchbox was hand made by Wayne as well as the nose cap and sideplate and the rear sight. All of the metal has been aged.

This slim little rifle is new. It balances and points very well. It would make an excellent squirrel rifle.

You can shoot readily available #4 buckshot which is .240 diameter but I prefer #F which is .230 diameter with a .010 thick patch over 35 grains of FFF powder. The #F shot is available from Ballistic Products. Click here. The 8 pound container is about 3600 rounds!

On a side note: I have a friend who used his .25 caliber rifle on a woods walk competition shooting clay pigeons. When he was at the end he was very disappointed as he didn't think he did well, didn't break a single one. When the judge checked, there was a neat little " hole in the center of each pigeon. That small mass traveling faster than a .22 rimfire bullet didn't create enough shock to break the clay pigeon. Won't ruin as much of that squirrel meat either as that .22 rimfire you've been using.

Weight is 7 lbs 2 ozs. Pull is 14".



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