Southern Mountain Longrifle

in .40 caliber




This is a well done Southern Mountain style rifle. New and unfired. The builder said this was his second gun. Not bad at all. The wood to metal fit is very good. There are a few spots that a little more sanding could have been done but overall very nice.


The wood is curly maple with lots of nice figure which has been brought out with the aqua-fortis stain. The barrel is by Rice and is a swamped 46" long in .40 caliber. The lock is an L&R Late English style. It sparks extremely well and there is a touch hole liner. The triggers will fire the rifle set or unset. The buttplate is a full style covering the entire butt of the stock. The iron parts have all been browned. The sights are tall with plenty of height for filing to point of aim.


The rifle holds well and balances nicely in the forward hand.


Weight is 8 lbs. 12 ozs.  Pull is 13"

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