Springfield M1 Garand

Early 5 Digit Serial-  Made in 1940

in .30-06



This is a rare early Springfield Garand dated 9-40 and is all correct. Hard to believe this rifle pre-dates the attack on Pearl Harbor! Most of our troops were still carrying the 1903A3 when the 1st Marine Division hit Guadalcanal two years after this gun was made.

The receiver on this rifle dates to October 1940 and the barrel is dated September 1940. All of the drawing numbers check out correct and the stock has the correct long barrel inlet. The wood has a few dents and dings from years of storage. No cracks or checks. The stock stamps are clear with the circled P on the grip and S.A./S.P.G. cartouche. There is also a number 0 behind the receiver which I'm not sure of the meaning. All of the metal still has good finish remaining. Bore is good with strong rifling and would rate about a 7/10 with erosion wear being muzzle/7, throat/5.5. The muzzle wear may be more from cleaning rod wear than shooting. Usually the throat is worse than the muzzle. The leather sling appears to be original and dated 1948. The complete cleaning kit is in the butt storage compartment. 

The pictures will tell you more. Contact me if you need pictures of something I missed.


FFL or C&R required.



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