Rare Winchester WIN-13 M1 Garand

in .30-06



This is the first one of these rare "WIN-13" Garands I have actually seen in person. It appears to be all correct. All the sources I looked at dates it to January 1945. There were only 39,000 of these Winchesters made from January to June 1945.  

The wood has the usual dents and dings from years of storage. No cracks or checks. The stock stamps are clear with the circled P on the grip, the crossed canons and the WRA/GHD. All of the metal still has good finish remaining except for the gas cylinder lock which is bright. Bore is very good/excellent with erosion wear being muzzle/1, throat/3. The sling appears to be original and is dated 1943. 

The pictures will tell you more. Contact me if you need pictures of something I missed.


FFL or C&R required.



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