German Gewehr 1871 Rifle

in 11mm


The Gewehr 1871 was the first center fire rifle adopted by Germany replacing the Dreyse Needle Gun which was found to have several weaknesses. The Gewehr 71 was a single shot bolt action rifle that used a black powder metallic cartridge.

 This German Gewehr 1871 Rifle was made by Steyr and is dated 1873 and issued in 1876.

The receiver and other metal have dried up oil from storage and shows up as brown spots on the receiver. The blued parts are turning a mix of grey and brown with some bluing left in protected areas. The stock has dents, bruises and a small chip in the comb of the buttstock but no cracks or repairs. The stock stamps are deep and clear. Numbers are mismatched. The bore is excellent.

Overall the gun is in good condition and functions well.


This gun is pre 1898 so can be shipped directly to anyone over 18 or can purchased in person. No FFL or C&R required.


$500 by cash or check



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