Custom AR15 Style Rifle

Package Deal 

in 6.5 Grendel


~This rifle has an Anderson aluminum receiver with Anderson internals.

~It has a Bear Creek 20" stainless steel heavy barrel with stainless steel gas block and muzzle brake device. Rifle length gas system.

~Standard M4 upper receiver with laser engraved port door.

~Extended charging handle.

~LUTH-AR "Chubby" grip with storage.

 ~15" M-mod handguard with 1 detachable rail.

~Magpul fixed stock with storage.

~CVLIFE 6-24x50 illuminated mil dot scope on quick detach mounts.

~New, test fired only.


Comes with 2 Alexander E-Lander 17 round steel mags, New Lee die set with factory crimp die, 50 new cases, 150 85gr HPBT bullets and a box of Hornady ammo with 13 rounds left and 7 fired cases.


It will be shipped in a padded aluminum case.


Upgraded drop-in 3lb trigger and anti-walk pins available for $150 extra.

This round will shoot flat out to 600 yards hitting tennis ball size targets with ease. It has excellent accuracy out to 1200 yards still running at super-sonic speed but with half the recoil of the 7.62 NATO (.308) round.