Original Western Penn. Half Stock Rifle

Remington Barrel

Circa 1850-1860 in .44 caliber



This is a very well made rifle probably from the Western PA or Eastern Ohio area. There is no makers name but the bottom of the barrel is marked Remington. The barrel is 1" across the flats and is 33" long. The bore is excellent with good rifling. I slugged the bore and it measures .44 caliber so a .430 ball with a .010 patch and about 40-50 grains of FFF powder should shoot well in this gun. It has a hook breech which will make it easier to clean. It also has a new nipple installed. The walnut stock is in good condition. I replaced two chips that were missing behind the breech and there are some cracks along the forend that have been repaired in the past. There is also a chip missing from the front bottom of the left lock panel. The stock has a fancy cast pewter nosecap. The thimbles were replaced in the recent past with new German silver ones. The lock works fine and there is no half cock which is typical of percussion rifles of this time. The triggers work well and are marked with the makers name on the plate. You can cock the gun without setting the trigger but they must be set before you can fire the gun.


Overall a nice sound rifle that would make a good shooter with the proper load.



Weight is 9 lbs. 11 ozs.  Pull is 13".



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