Plains Style Rifle

by R. Maxey

.54 Caliber 36" Barrel



This is a very nice rifle that was made by Rex Maxey in 1974 and is numbered 51.


 The stock is a very nice piece of curly maple with a poured pewter nosecap. It has an oval silver inlay near the toe on the left side. I did not pull the barrel but it appears to be a Green Mtn 36" long and 1" across the flats in .54 caliber. The lock and triggers are by Cherry Corners who made very nice quality parts but have since gone out of business. The triggers will fire set or unset. The barrel and rib are browned with the rest of the iron parts being fired blued. The bore is near mint and the lock and drum show very little wear. No cap burns in the wood behind the nipple. This gun has been fired very little and well maintained. Well made with good quality parts.


The rifle balances and holds very well.



Weight is 9 lbs. 10 ozs.  Pull is 14".



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