Tenn. Style Percussion Rifle

in .36 caliber



This is a nice custom made rifle in the Tennessee Mountain styling.


The stock is a piece of plain maple and has antler inlays on the heel and toe of the stock. The barrel is a Green Mountain that is 41" long and 13/16" across the flats in .45 caliber. The lock is a CVA percussion style. These locks are considered cheap but the percussion ones work very well and are an appropriate style for mid 19th century guns. Mounts are iron. The barrel has a browned finish and the lock is blued. The North Star double triggers are single set which means they have to be set to fire. Inlets are good with no gaps. Great little squirrel rifle.


The rifle balances and holds very well.



Weight is 7 lbs. 4  ozs.  Pull is 14" to front trigger.



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