Northwest Trade gun

by J. Brown

in 12 gauge



This is a well made trade gun I picked up at an auction at a good price and I'm passing the savings along.


This was made by Jackie Brown and I don't know the history of the gun. Jackie is not known for his finish work but it is sound and probably isn't finished out any better than many originals were. The stock is a very nice piece of curly maple stained dark. The previous owner did a carving on the stock to personalize it. The lock is a Chamber's Virginia style. The 36" barrel is not marked but may be a Colerain. The mounts are steel. Everything has been aged and looks good. I took the gun apart and checked everything for wear and safety. I put a new tumbler in the lock as the half cock notch was broken. I installed a new touch hole liner as well. The lock sparks well and the bore is bright and smooth.


Overall a nice gun that is used but not too much by the look of the frizzen wear.



Weight is 7 lbs. 6 ozs.  Pull is 14".



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