Jaeger Style Smooth Rifle

in .58 caliber (24 gauge)

 This is a smooth rifle that has some flaws but are easily fixed with a little work.


The basics:


The barrel is a swamped 38" long in .58 smoothbore. The lock is an L&R. The wood is a nice piece of curly maple. There is some wire inlay behind and forward of the lock and sideplate. The wire work is a little coarse but it is what it is. All of the steel parts have been lightly browned. The bore is excellent and the lock has minimal wear to the frizzen.


The problems:


The basic problems I see with the gun is there are two checks in the butt just forward of the buttplate. These could be filled with epoxy and the wood sanded down to smooth again. They would probably still be noticeable but if the stock is fully sanded and stained darker, they would blend in better. The buttplate also stands a bit proud of the wood on the sides but with a little filing could be made flush with the wood. The forward lock bolt head is fake as the ramrod hole goes right where the bolt would pass through. The guard is not inlet which would have looked better but there really isn't enough wood left to inlet the front of the guard as the stock has been cut too shallow under the lock area. The rear portion of the guard could be inlet deeper with no problem. The sideplate was poorly inlet and sat canted so I re-inlet it to sit better. The touch hole could also use a liner.


Overall not a bad project gun that could be made into a nice hunting or re-enacting gun. 



Weight is 7 lbs. 10 ozs.  Length of pull is 14".



$895 by cash or check

$922 by credit card


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