Japanese Type I Rifle

in 6.5x50 Jap


After the invasion of China in July 1937, all Arisaka production was required for use of the Imperial Army, so under the terms of the Anti-Comintern Pact, the Imperial Navy contracted with Italy for this weapon in 1937 with most of them coming from Beretta. The Type I is based on the Type 38 rifle and utilizes a Carcano action, but retains the Mauser type 5-round box magazine, Type I was utilized primarily by Japanese Imperial Naval Forces. It is chambered for the 6.5 x 50 mm cartridge. Approximately 80,000 Type I rifles were produced in 1938 and 1939, 40,000 manufactured by Beretta and an equal number by Italian government arsenals; the final shipment to Japan left Venice by submarine in 1941. On the collector market in the United States, the Type I rifle is uncommon but not particularly popular among collectors. The Type I never had the Japanese Imperial Chrysanthemum markings, or other markings that typically interest collectors of Japanese militaria. Many Type I rifles brought back to the United States as War Trophies were reportedly captured at Kwajalein Atoll, the Philippines, or from Japan at the conclusion of hostilities.

This Type I rifle is in very good to excellent condition. The wood has dents and dings from years of storage but the bluing is 95% or better. The bore is mint. This one doesn't appear to have been issued.  


FFL or C&R required.



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