Type 'G' or Carolina Trade Gun Kit

 circa 1760

This is a typical mid 18th century trade gun with a more slender wrist, serpent sideplate and rear sight. The rear sight was patterned from one found on an original trade gun. The stock profile was taken from the Bumford trade gun but the butt was widened to fit the typical Type G buttplate.


Only available with a plain maple stock. These look great painted in blue or red.

There are some finished examples on the Trade Gun page.


The locks are by R. E. Davis and the barrels are by Colerain.

Available in 20, or 24 gauge smoothbore. Barrel lengths 36" or 42".

Walnut stock is available at extra cost.



Dovetails for front sight and tennons are already milled.


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Finished Examples of Type G guns