M1896 Krag Carbine

in .30-40 Krag


This is a very nice Springfield  carbine made in 1897. The overall condition is very good to excellent. The only problem is that it has a rifle style rear sight. I doubt that it is original to the gun, maybe a later replacement. Original carbine rear sights are extremely hard to find. It's odd that the little research I did shows the rifle sights graduated to 1800 yards and the carbine ones go to 2000 yards. I would have figured the other way around. Either way, good luck shooting at those distances with any accuracy. The stock is in excellent condition except for a small scratch on the right side. (See pictures) The stock is correct and doesn't appear to have been sanded or refinished but I could not find a visible inspector's cartouche. The barrel has about 90% of the blue remaining on the exposed bottom with the top turning brown. The action is turning to a grey patina. The bore is good with some pitting. Might clean up better and should shoot fine. I ran a brush through it a few times and a lot of loose crud came out. There were only about 22,500 of these carbines made so they are getting scarce in this condition.

The pictures will tell you more.

FFL or C&R required.



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