British L1A1 Parts Kit with Extras

Inch Version

in .308 (7.62 NATO)


I'm not very familiar with these but I did a bit of research and all of the parts are here to build up a nice rifle except for the upper receiver and one of the recoil springs in the butt. There are supposed to be two, one inside the other and I only found one in the kit. Easily replaced for about $5-$10.


The upper receivers are out there as well and vary in price depending on whether they come from a stripped gun or 'as milled' and need fitting of the parts. These uppers are a good price and should build up with this kit nicely. Click here.


The bore on this barrel is excellent. A number of the parts have the British broad arrow marking. (See photos) Serial numbers don't match but all parts are in the same very good condition. No rust.


There are extras included with this kit which include:

2 extra military buttstocks

Thumbhole buttstock

New handguard

British sling

4 used magazines

2 new magazine bodies in the wrappers from 1958




This gun kit is minus the upper receiver so it is not classified as a gun and can be shipped to most localities.

 All NFA rules apply. I will not ship to any place this is banned. Know your laws.



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