Left Hand Mountain Rifle

in .50 caliber


You guys with long arms take note of the pull.


This is a nicely made rifle I picked up at auction so I don't know it's history but I'm passing along a good deal. We all know what they say about "if it sounds too good to be true", well this is the exception.


It appears to have been made in the 1970s with Dixie Gun Works parts. There is no makers name on the gun. The barrel is " across the flats and is 42" long in .50 caliber and I believe it's a Douglas barrel. There are three wedges holding the barrel but it doesn't have a hook breech. The bore is excellent with good rifling. The toe plate is horn. The lock is a Dixie Ashmore which is no longer available but was one of the best locks they sold at the time. They still carry some of the parts for this lock. The lock works great and throws a good shower of sparks. Very little frizzen wear. The double set triggers work set or unset. The iron mounts are typical Tennessee mountain styling and all the metal has a deep rust brown finish. The ramrod was a little short so I added an iron tip to both ends to extend it.


Now for the sad part:


A customer bought this but when it arrived, it had broken in two at the wrist. I got it back, refunded his money and repaired it. I put a long screw up from under the guard to hold it together then epoxied it replacing a small bit that got lost. I then drilled and epoxied in a 5/16" steel rod from the breech down through the wrist extending 2" past the repair joint. The entire stock was sanded, stained and refinished. In the process I removed a lot of excess wood on the forend giving the rifle a much slimmer look. I put six hours of work in the repair and refinishing. The last two photos show the repair. If you don't use magnum loads and don't drop it down the staircase, this repair will last for many years.


Overall a nice rifle that holds and points well. Should be a good shooter. At this price it would be a good hunting gun you don't mind dragging through the woods.



Weight is 8 lbs. 10 ozs.  Pull is 15".



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