Left Hand Percussion Plains/Hawken Style Rifle

in .54 caliber



This is a very well made rifle probably 1980s or 1990s. No marker's name is on it. This is another one I picked up at auction and I'm passing the savings along.


The barrel is unmarked. It is 1" across the flats and 36" long. There are three wedges holding it but no hook breech. The bore is excellent with nice deep rifling. The lock is a Davis and works fine. The double triggers work set or unset. The maple stock has some nice figure in it. The previous owner personalized it with some carving. The iron mounts and barrel have a light browned finish.


I check it out and didn't find anything wrong or unsafe. I did add an iron tip to the ramrod which is treaded 8x32 for a jag.


Overall a very nice rifle that would make a good shooter with the proper load.



Weight is 8 lbs. 7 ozs.  Pull is 14⅝".



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