Original Leman Boy's(?) Rifle

Circa 1850-1860 in .40 caliber




This is a cute little rifle that was authenticated by the Landis Valley Museum in Lancaster, PA.


The stock is a piece of curly maple and is in very good condition with a few minor handling marks. The barrel is 30" long and tapers from 13/16" at the breech to 3/4" at the muzzle. Not sure if this one was ever cut down as there are no extra tennon dovetails and swamped barrels were very uncommon by the time this gun was built. I think it may have been made for a boy and the taper just happened in the manufacture. The breech plug and nipple have been replaced in the recent past. An owner at some time was probably still shooting this little rifle. The bore is very good with decent rifling. There is a little rough spot about 4" in front of the breech but some scrubbing might smooth that out better. The lock and triggers work fine but with typical percussion locks of this time, there is no half cock. They would carry the gun with the hammer resting on the cap when loaded. The hammer has an old repair to the nose. The brass hardware is very plain except for the trigger guard which has some nice engraving. The buttplate is a poor casting but I guess they felt it was still useable instead of casting a new one.


Overall the gun is in very good condition and at 6' tall, I find it holds and points well even with the short pull due to the drop in the stock.


Weight is 6 lbs. Pull is 12".



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