Plainfield M1 Carbine

Modified for WW2 Re-enacting

 in .30 carbine




This rifle was made by the Plainfield Machine Co. They produced this model from 1962-1978.


I bought this rifle many years ago at a gun show and the original stock was warped to the point that it shot three feet left at 100 yards. I decided to make it into a re-enacting gun for a paratrooper impression. I swapped the warped stock for a period correct reproduction folding one including trashing the vented steel handguard for an original wood one, changed out the round bolt with an original flat one and added an original early style folding rear sight. To top it off I added an original web sling. The gun comes with an oiler clipped to the stock and two new 15 round magazines in a belt pouch. The pouch is a Korean War period original but externally looks like the WW2 ones.


It shoots great. I have consistently hit 6" gongs at 150 yards with it. I still have the original stock and hardware from this gun and will include it if the buyer wants it all.


This is a great re-enacting gun considering the originals go for two to three times the cost of this one and the U.S. made Auto Ordinance and new Inland brand ones from the Philippines are not as well made.



FFL required.



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