1738 Pattern Sea Service Musket

with bayonet

with 38" barrel in .75 caliber




This is a very nice unfired gun that was made by Richard Colton. It is patterned after an original in the Springfield Armory National Historic Site. The original had a 42" barrel where this one has the 38" barrel. The original was also U.S. surcharged.

The parts were acquired from The Rifle Shoppe except the lock which is a reworked Loyalist Arms. The springs in the lock are forged and not cast so they should hold up to many years of use. The barrel is by Colerain. The bayonet lug is properly dovetailed and brazed in place for strength. The gun is marked with all of the correct inspector's stamps as well. The bayonet is a 1742 Pattern but would be correct for this musket. Wood to metal fit is excellent.

This is an excellent copy of a rare early musket and would be great for British sailor impression.

It could even be U.S. surcharged as the original for an American impression.

Weight is 9 lbs. 15 oz.  Pull is 13".



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