Russian Makarov Pistol

in 9x18 Makarov


Russian arms and ammunition have not been imported into the U.S. since the Obama administration but a few of these pistols have slipped through over the past few years.


This one is in very good/excellent condition inside and out. The markings include the stamping of "East Germany" as well as the bisected triangle within a circle which designates Russia as the country of manufacture. It is also dated 1983. The bluing is a bit worn from use and holster wear but the bore is excellent. The plastic grips are very good with no chips or cracks.


This gun comes with an extra magazine and the original holster with cleaning rod attached.



Ironically, a number of Russian-made Makarov 9mm pistols inadvertently entered the United States between 1998 and 2009 and have become known as the “sneak” Makarovs. These pistols were imported from Bulgaria and East Germany and were marked with the country of origin, as each of these nations obtained a quantity of the Russian-made versions in the 1970s and ‘80s as supplementary arms to make up for shortages in their ordnance inventories. Apparently, some of these Russian versions were mixed in and marked with the aforementioned two countries as the origin of manufacture until close BATF inspection revealed the Russian Izhevsk Triangle cartouche on some of the pistols. These are rather desirable on the collector’s market because of this import marking error.



FFL or C&R required.



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