French MAS 44 Rifle

 in 7.5x55


Very rare rifle. France was in the early stages of switching from bolt action rifles to semi auto in 1940 when the German invaded. The Germans saw no need for a semi auto rifle at that time so the plant continued to produce the M38 bolt action in limited numbers during the occupation. The MAS armory was left untouched by retreating Germans in 1944 and was captured by French resistance. Unfortunately the resistance ransacked the plant, causing more damage in a single day then the Germans did in four years. In particular they stole all of the MAS 1940 semi auto prototypes. The French designers relied on what they knew from before the occupation and came up with the M44. These guns were produced right after the Germans were pushed out of France in 1944. Only about 6600 were produced before they decided to go back to making the M36 since there were so many in service already and were cheaper to make. By 1949 a new version of the M44 came out, the M49 which developed into the M49/56 which included a change in cartridge, a grenade launcher, receiver milled for a scope mount and a knife type bayonet.


This M44 is in excellent/as new condition and still has cosmoline in the receiver. Action works fine. The wood has the expected dents and dings from storage. The metal is all nicely parkerized. I cleaned enough grease out of the barrel to check the bore which is mint. All numbered parts match. Comes with the original sling and an extra magazine. It has discreet import marks under the front of the barrel. A very solid rifle with a unique history. 



FFL or C&R required.



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