Early English Style Rifle

By K. Moors

.50 cal


This is a custom made gun by Ken Moors of North Carolina. I have sold a number of Ken's guns and they don't last long. He does very fine work for the money. His carving and engraving is excellent. The wood to metal fit is tight.

This one is one of the more popular styles. It has a 42" swamped Rice barrel in .50 caliber. The touch hole does not have a liner as Ken has a coning tool that reaches into the breech to cone the hole from the inside. This method is very correct for the period and we did the same at Colonial Williamsburg. Liners were used to repair the touch hole after it had burned out too large. The lock is a Chamber's Early Ketland. The stock is a nice piece of curly maple with figure from front to back. The wood patchbox lid has a nice silver wire accent. The hardware is brass that has been aged. Steel parts have been aged as well. The pictures will tell you more.

 The beautiful gun is new. It balances and holds very well.

Weight is 7 lbs. 13 oz.  Pull is 14".



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