Mosin-Nagant Sporter

in 7.62x54R



This would make a handy little hunting rifle or one to throw in the pickup and not worry about scratching. The rounds are cheap and the ballistics are very close to the .30-06.

The barrel was professionally cut down to 20", recrowned and a new front sight added. The bore is good with deep rifling but will probably clean up better. It is an Izhevsk arsenal hex receiver and is dated 1934. The magazine has not been altered so it still holds 5 rounds and takes stripper clips. The parts numbers are mismatched but then this isn't a collectors piece. Comes with the sling and the original wood stock. This rifle will not qualify as a C&R as it has been altered from the original configuration so it will have to go through an FFL transfer.

Overall a very nice, clean rifle.

The pictures will tell you more. Contact me if you need pictures of something I missed.


FFL required.



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