Deep River/Jamestown Area North Carolina Rifle

in .50 caliber


This rifle is styled after ones from the Deep River area of North Carolina. This area is in the north central part of the state near Jamestown, between High Point and Greensboro.

This rifle is stocked in a very nice piece of curly maple with a unique swiveling wood patchbox. The barrel is browned and measures 7/8" across the flats and is a straight profile. The lock is a large Siler. The double set triggers are by Davis. The hardware is iron which has been browned but through handling has worn to a nice grey patina in areas. The barrel pins have very nice silver inlays surrounding them to keep the pins from chipping out wood if they are driven out. The cheek area has a nice silver star and moon inlays as well.

This rifle is used but very little. The bore is excellent and the gloss finish on the wood shows no dents, dings or scratches. Overall it is a very nicely made rifle styled after a school that has a unique history and styling.

Weight is 8 lbs 10 ozs. Pull is 14".




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