Ken Netting Rifle

in .45 caliber


This is a very nice rifle made about 20 years ago by Ken Netting. It has been owned by two pervious people neither of which ever fired the gun. It has a combination of Pennsylvania area influences including Lehigh Valley, York and Lancaster.

The stock is a plain piece of maple with nice carving in a York, PA. styling. The handmade patchbox is a side opening style with a "coffin" lid. The barrel is a Getz oct-round 46" long in .45 caliber. The hardware is brass with handmade thimbles and nosecap. The lock is a Chamber's Early Ketland.

Very nice gun overall with good workmanship and tight inletting. The carving and engraving is well executed. The only area that I personally don't like is the width of the wrist which is a bit wide in relation to it's width when viewed from the top. Just an aesthetic problem as the feel of the wrist area is fine. The gun balances and holds very well. Even with this long of a barrel, the balance point is at the forward hand hold as it should be. 

Weight is 8 lbs 6 ozs. Pull is 14".



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