1916 Dated Oberndorf

Gewehr 98 Mauser

in 8mm (7.92x57)


This is a very nice G98 rifle. These great old rifles are becoming more and more scarce now. I have sold many of these over the last few years and have watched the prices steadily climb. With the increasing scarcity I expect the prices to keep on going up in the future.

 Overall it's in very good condition for the age. All numbered parts match even the bolt. The bolt has all matching numbers inside and out. It's rare to find one of these with a matching bolt. The beech (possibly birch) stock is sound with the usual dents and dings but no splits or cracks. The serial numbers on the stock and handguard match the receiver. The exposed metal has turned shinny grey or brown. The bolt and receiver are still mostly bright polished but have started to turn grey. The bore is excellent with good strong rifling. I would rate it about 9 out of 10. Bolt locks up tight. Still has the original cleaning rod. It is not import marked. The sling is a period correct reproduction.

I have completely disassembled and inspected this rifle and found it very clean with no rust in the hidden areas.

Should be a good shooter with the proper ammo. The standard 8mm military surplus ammo and most new manufactured ammo you find on the market will work fine. I wouldn't try any hot high pressure loads in it. The pictures will tell you more.

This would be great for any Mauser collector or WW1 re-enactor.  

This gun must be shipped to a FFL or C&R holder or can purchased in person.


$1495 by cash or check



FFL or C&R required.


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