German Walther P-38 ac Series

Dated Feb. 1944 Russian Capture

in 9mm


This is a Walther P-38 made in 1944 and captured by the Russians. It was refurbished and then put in storage. I don't know much about these pistols but will try to describe it as best I can.


 The markings on the slide show it is an "ac" series dated to February 1944. The frame is not original to the gun as it was renumbered when refurbished and the original serial number is X'd out which is not unusual for these Russian captured guns. It was hot-dip blued and the finish is in excellent condition. The stamps are still clear and doesn't appear to have any pitting under the finish. The original brown Bakelite grips don't appear to be serial numbered inside but are in excellent condition. The barrel locking block and barrel are numbered to the slide. The bore is excellent. All small parts that I can see have the "e/359" acceptance marks.


One of the magazines is the original with "e/359" stamped on the spline. The second has a NATO stock number and dated 2/59. Both stamped "P-38" on the lower left side.


Not sure about the holster. I couldn't find much online about it except that hardshell holsters were made up to about 1943 when soft ones started being produced. The war time holster had a steel loop for the closure tab and this is leather. I was told by the owner this one is post war. I can only say it is a very well made one and the lifting lanyard inside is missing.



$1100 by cash or check


FFL or C&R required.



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