Belgium Double Shotgun

in 12 gauge Rifled




This is a unique double barrel shotgun. It was made in Belgium about 1870-1880 and is rifled. The 28" barrels are 12 gauge and have four lands and grooves with a slow twist. Probably designed for a conical hollow base bullet like the Minie ball. Most rifling for round balls have more grooves. Not sure how well a patched ball would work in these now as the rifling is shallow and a bit rough. I honed the bores slightly and found the grooves so I didn't go any deeper to preserve the grooves. They are smooth enough for shot and must have been used recently as the gun had new nipples installed. The nipples are standard x28 thread. I tightened up the breech/tang fit and repaired the locks to work nicely. The French walnut stock has a crack in one side up by the tang but has been repaired and is sound. There are a few chips out along the barrel channels. Someone has added a new wedge and wedge plates. There are also two mother of pearl inlays in the butt sides. It sports an old original ramrod.

Overall a sound tight gun that would be a fine shooter.

Weight is 7 lbs. 8 oz.  Pull is 14".





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