J.P. Beck Style Rifle

by Ed Perry

in .54 caliber



This is an exceptionally example of a Golden Age longrifle. It is styled as a typical J.P. Beck (1751-1811) who worked most of his life in the Lancaster/Dauphin Co., Pa. area. The quality of work in a gun like this one is generally not fully appreciated by someone who has not tried to build one of these guns. Ed's many years of building shows in his wood to metal fitting, classic styling and attention to details.


The rifle is very well done stocked on a piece of curly maple stained to a nice rich color. The raised carving is well done and crisp. The barrel is a 44" long swamped Rice in .54 caliber and is deeply browned. The lock is a Chambers Golden Age style. The mounts are brass. The patchbox is a typical Beck style and is very nicely engraved.


The rifle is unfired and in like new condition. Overall a beautiful rifle that holds and points very well. Should be a good shooter. This is an exceptionally fine gun for the price.


Weight is 9 lbs. 7 ozs.  Pull is 14".



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