Penn. Longrifle Rifle

by Ed Perry

in .40 caliber



This is an exceptionally well made gun that is actually a blend of two schools. The styling and the hardware is from the York, PA style while the carving of the rampant lion and the double headed eagle inlay are indicative of the Moravian school from the Bethlehem, PA area. Makes a nice blend of the best of both areas.


The rifle is very well done stocked on a piece of curly maple stain lightly to bring out the figure. The raised and incised carving is well done and crisp. The barrel is a 42" long swamped Rice in .40 caliber. The lock is a Chambers Golden Age style and is nicely engraved. The mounts are brass. The patchbox has a previous owner's initials on it.


The rifle is lightly used and is in like new condition. Overall a beautiful rifle that holds and points very well. Should be a good shooter.

This is an exceptionally fine gun for the price.


Weight is 8 lbs. 3 ozs.  Pull is 14".



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