Uberti/Stoeger 1873 Schofield

N3 2nd Model "Wells Fargo"

Unfired with Box and Paperwork

in .38 special ~ 5" barrel

With handmade holster/belt rig



This pistol beautiful is in mint condition inside and out. It is unfired. The grips are like new, no dents or dings. It has the deep factory blue and case colors which makes this pistol almost too pretty to shoot. It is the desirable and hard to find "Wells Fargo" pattern with the 5" barrel - quicker to get out of the holster. This pistol comes with the box and paperwork.


This pistol has a different feel to the grip than the Colt style Single Action Army. It may take a little getting used to if you have fired the Colt style for years. Both are single action but the Schofield is quicker to cock and faster to reload with the break top action that ejects all the empty brass as it is opened.


Also included is a very fine holster and belt rig by K.C. Miles of Kimball, Minnesota. The cartridge loops are for .38/.357 and the belt will fit 39" to 46". (Remember this goes over your pants and regular belt) It is made of heavy russet leather 2" wide and suede backed with a solid brass buckle. The holster is made of the same leather and lined with matching suede. Once the holster is wet-formed the pistol will go in a little deeper. In 2004 this set cost $250.


Here is some info from their website:


"This holster is specifically designed to meet the special needs of the Schofield revolver. Many of the holsters we see today supposedly designed for the Schofield revolver create a real problem when the pistol is holstered. The contours of these holsters undo the barrel latch when the revolver is seated in the pouch. This can be very dangerous when the gun is drawn to fire. Our Schofield holster not only eliminates this problem, but follows the contours of this unique revolver, creating a very attractive and practical holster. Features border tooling and is fully lined."


The pictures will tell you more. Contact me if you need pictures of something I missed.


FFL required.



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