Short Fowler or Officer's Fusil

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This fowler is based on several I have seen made in England in the last half of the 18th century.

It comes with a 36" octagon to round barrel in 20 or 24 gauge. The English style lock is by Chambers. It comes with steel or brass hardware but sterling silver can be used at extra cost. Available in curly maple. Extra fancy wood or walnut available at extra cost. Sling swivels and a touch hole liner are also standard.


Standard finish is with the lock polished bright and barrel is fire blued. Browned steel parts adds $200.


A hook breech and wedges can be substituted for $400 extra.


Carving and/or engraving can be added at extra cost.



Length of pull is about 14" and weight is about 7 lbs.



Base price is $2850







Call or email me to discuss building one for you.