Siamese Mauser (1903)

(Type 46/66)

in 8x52R


I did some quick research and depending on what website you go to, this is a Type 45 or Type 46. The Buddhist calendar changes in the middle of 1903 so either appears correct. Either way this rifle was converted to the Type 66 ammo which used a spitzer bullet as evidenced by the modified rear sight. The arch of the leaf was reduced in height to accommodate the flatter shooting bullet. Unfortunately ammo or ready to load brass is unavailable for this rifle unless you want to reform other modern brass to size. I have been informed that the 8x56R Mannlicher cases for the Steyr M95 rifle will work once cut to length and resized. The base diameter is the same. Once you have cases I found some reloading data online. Click here to see. (Scroll down to post #6) This reloading data is for informational purposes only. I am not responsible for anyone's stupidity but my own. Google how to reload for this round and see what others have tried. If you try reloading, always start with low pressure loads and work up.   


Overall this rifle is in very good condition. The wood has the usual dents and dings associated with handling over the years. There is lots of bluing left on the metal and the bore is excellent. All of the original armory markings are there, nothing has been removed. It is missing the cleaning rod.


This gun must be shipped to an FFL or C&R holder or can purchased in person.

I will not ship to any place this is banned. Know your laws.



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