1900 Dated M93 Spanish Mauser

in 7mm (7x57)


This is a very nice Spanish Mauser rifle which are becoming scarce now. I don't really know a lot about these but I'll describe it the best I can.

Overall this rifle in very good condition for the age and appears to be an arsenal rebuild. All numbers match except the rear sight leaf. The wood is otherwise sound with very minor dents and dings. It has three stock repairs done at the time of the rebuild. The barrel and receiver have about 95% of the bluing left. The bore has good rifling but is a bit dirty and might clean up better. Looks like it might have some old dried up grease in the grooves. I would rate it right now about 6 out of 10. Bolt locks up tight. Still has the original cleaning rod. It is not import marked.

Should be a good shooter with the proper ammo. Probably find something in the 140-150 grain bullet range. I suggest checking out Ammoseek to help find the cheapest ammo. I have their app on my phone as well so I can compare prices I find at gun shows. I wouldn't try any hot high pressure loads in it. The pictures will tell you more.

This is the same model Mauser that Teddy Roosevelt's 'Rough Riders' faced in Cuba and became the basis for the 1903 Springfield rifle. (This one was made two years too late to have seen use there.)  

This gun must be shipped to a FFL or C&R holder or can purchased in person.



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