Stevens Favorite 1915 Rifle

in .22lr


This is the last version of these little rifles. This model was made from 1915 to 1935. They were produced in three rimfire calibers: .22, .25 and .32. This one in .22lr is great because you can still get ammo for it. These are really nice little rifles and fun to shoot. Great for teaching women and kids how to shoot. Good for taking camping too as it very quickly breaks down for easy packing.


This one is in pretty good condition. The wood is in very good condition and has the original buttplate. The receiver still has a little blue left but is mostly turned brown. The lever and hammer are now grey. The barrel has some bluing left but is turning grey as well. The bore is good. Decent rifling but a little rough. It's shootable but for serious accuracy you might get it relined. The best part of this little rifle is the original tang sight. All of these guns had tapped holes in the tang for a sight but most owners never put one on so it's rare to find one with the sight. I've seen these sights selling for $100-$150 alone.


A friend who grew up in during the Depression of the 1930's said he had one of these rifles and would hunt rabbits and squirrels for the dinner table. He would do odd jobs for the neighbors until he earned the 15 for a box of ammo. After all that working for the cash, he said he made every shot count.






FFL or C&R required.



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