Cased Set of American Pistols #2

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These cased sets were common to the gentry of both England and America. Silver mounted sets were a sign of wealth and status. When traveling these would be carried in holsters or saddle buckets across the front of the saddle. Smaller versions were more often carried in coat pockets. Sets like these were most often imports from London or Birmingham and were the culmination of 20 or 30 specialists each doing a small portion of the work. Cased sets usually came with cleaning and loading accessories fitted in the case.


This set is pretty much the base set. No carving, no inlays and minimal engraving. Everything but the barrels, locks and case hardware were made in my shop. These are brass mounted in figured English walnut. The barrels are 10" swamped and are .50 caliber rifled. The case is mahogany. Included is a two piece rosewood cleaning rod with jag, bullet mold, leather covered flask, turn screw (screw driver) and oil bottle.

Cased pistols prices start at $12,000 for a plain pair. A set as pictured below would run $13,500 with the upgraded wood for the stocks.